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….No more jetski. You need to operate an enormous and luxurious pleasure vessel

Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 1 Certificate Exam

Boatpeople Centre offers English class in PVOL Grade 1 exam course. Course fees $19,000 including both chartworks and oral exam. The Centre has been conducting PVOL Grade 1 exam courses in Chinese for years. The results are marvellous. More than 20 students achieved one take pass in both chartworks and oral exams last few years. Among them, one was granted the PVOL Grade 1 certificate in only two months from the time he studied in our Centre. Over 95% of students got passed in chartworks in one go.

Flexible study schedules, concept-based teaching and learning, exam papers practices, tailor-made tutorials for individuals.

Please WhatsApp Brian Wong 9465 6549 for details.